Dual-line Parafoil Sport Kite 1.4m/1.8m/2.5m

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Product Information

Dual-line Parafoil Sport Kite 1.4m/1.8m/2.5m

  • Material: PVC Nylon
  • Application Age Group: Adult
  • Size Options: 55.1 inches / 1.4m, 70.9 inches / 1.8m, 98.4 inches / 2.5m
  • Colours: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow


  • Foldable, lightweight and very durable. 
  • High quality PVC foil.
  • Skeleton-free so not easily damaged.

Note: Ideal for use when the wind is moderate.  The flying method is similar to aerobatic kites i.e. when the kite is pulled to the right the kite flies to the left and vise-versa. This kite can be launched gently. When you let it go, it will collapse to the ground.

Package Contents:

1 pc Kite
1 pc Double-sided cloth bag
2 pcs 30m braided wire board
1 pc English manual


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