5M Donkey Pendant Kite

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5M Donkey Pendant Kite

Inflatable kites (also known as ‘soft kites’ or ‘pendant kites’), have no rigid framing and nothing to assemble. They achieve their lift through a series of cleverly design air pockets, pouches and sometimes bladders, that are built into the kite structure itself.

Some inflatable kites will fly independently, while others need to be hung on the line of another kite in order to catch the wind, inflate and fly – a bit like hanging out laundry on a washing line. On a very windy day, a smaller kite may suffice as it will have more lift.

If you have ever attended a kite festival or outdoor event where you have seen huge kites being flown, the chances are that most of them you have seen will be inflatables. Inflatable kites, once inflated, should be pegged down to keep them stable and prevent them blowing away. They are a fantastic way of creating drama and interest at outdoor festivals, special events or just having some fun on the beach.

Our range of inflatable kites are intended to be operated by adults only and are superb quality – they are not the smaller inflatables that you may have seen elsewhere on the internet – these are the real deal! Please ensure that you have enough space to fly your inflatable kite and please double check the size before ordering.

Please allow up to 25 days for delivery of all our inflatable and pendant kites, as they are delivered directly from the manufacturer in the International kite capital of the World, with whom we have a special UK shipping arrangement. All inflatable kites, pendant kites and soft kites are classed as special orders and cannot be returned unless they are found to be faulty.

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