Kids Fun Kites

For younger children, our fun kites are a great place to look for a kite that is easy to assemble, has very tolerant flight characteristics and little potential for injury.

Dual line kites offer slightly more acrobatic flight, but are not quite as easy to fly as a single line kite.  Dual line kites do however, offer younger flyer the opportunity to get a good feel for kite flying, even though they may need a little help to get started.

Parafoils come in a number of shapes and sizes with larger parafoils being more suitable for experienced adult flyers. Smaller parafoil kites are a great option for younger flyers as they are easier to control and have much less pull.

Parafoil kites have no framing or ‘skeleton’ to break or lose and they are pretty easy to fly.  They can generate a strong pull which is great fun and can be really quite exciting!  In addition, they pack up into a relatively small package which makes transport and storage really convenient.

3D and character kites tend to be designed around a lightweight, durable plastic frame, that keeps the kite’s shape while it is being flown.

Fun Kite Hot Picks